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When Family Can’t 

Be There, We Can


Where Your Loved Ones Are Always First

There is nothing more valuable than family. It is what binds us all, regardless of whom we are or where we
come from. However, not everyone in your family may be physically capable of meeting their needs on a
daily basis. This is especially relevant to those who are home bound due an injury, sickness, or any form
of circumstance.

The Agape Project Inc. is a nonprofit organization, committed to helping homebound individuals and
their families find the most appropriate services for their needs. Our trained volunteers will assess the
client and educate them about opportunities, programs, and services available to them in the Houston
and Pasadena areas of Texas.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist the homebound population of our community. We will achieve this by providing “Well Checks” to those individuals and, if needed, connect them with local agencies, transportation, pharmacies, home care providers, and other charitable organizations to ensure that their needs are met.

Our community advocates will be the bridge between homebound individuals and the much-needed assistance available to them.

Healthy Living starts here... 

The Agape Project Inc. is a non-profit organization developed to assist the homebound individuals with assistance needed.

• Foundation for Longer Life
• Criminal Background Screening on all Employees/Volunteers
• Registered Nurse on Call
• Community Advocacy
• Free Public Service

The Agape Project Inc.

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